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Champions Glove Repair

Is your glove worn out? Need reconditioning? Broken or worn laces?

Give us a call and/or bring it in. Whatever your glove repair need, Champions can do it! See below for pricing options:

Replacing Selections Fielder's Gloves Catchers/1st base mitts
Complete Glove (heel, web, top of web, fingers & palm lacing) *Best Value* $43 $52
Pinky and thumb lace $6 -
Heel of glove only $12 $15
Top of web $13 $15
Web only $15 $17
Fingers only $12 -
Fingers, top of web $17 -
Web, top of web $19 $21
Palm lacing $14 $23
Thumb loop $20 $20
Pinky loop $20 $20
Glove conditioning only (included in relacing) $6 $8